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Federation of Hellenic American Societies of New England, Boston

Cutting the Pie. A cake was on every table.
Despite difficult weather conditions, snow, ice and temperature at -8 C was not possible to postpone the scheduled event and New Year’s cake cutting of the Federation of  Hellenic American Societies of New England, Boston Saturday spent our January 19, 2019 

The Greek flag decorates big cake. The President of the Federation Mr. Kafkas said: I do not want to cut the cake because it is our flag!
The truth is that there were many cancellations but the event happened and had success. It is characteristic that the world was there from early on and shortly after 8:00 the room was full of life after team were present from youth section of the Federation Evzones with their families. They attended by people from near and from afar like  Lowell ,  Worcester ,  New Hampshire ,  North Shore ,  South Shore .The organizing committee headed by Mr. Costa Travagiaki and their members: George Panagiotopoulos, Thomas Boukouvalas, George Papadopoulos, Dr. Mary Delichatsiou, Freedom Papasli and Takis Lambropoulos prepared a good evening with live music and good food ( prime rib ) and there were sweets for all, one cakes on each table and a large cake with the flag of Greece offer the former President of Pamakedonikis Mr. George Papadopoulos.About early came the Consul General of Greece Mr. Stratos Efthymiou with his wife. While later with a large group came vice Pamakedonikis Association of America Mr. John Katsaros and officials from organizations and Associations of New England.Mr. Consul General and his wife departed relatively early to attend another event. Once they started dancing until the end of the event young and old danced under the sounds of the orchestra music “sunsets” Antonis pe bouzouki.
Feature is that the controller of the evening Mr. Costas Travagiakis and was the “driving force” of the event was not willing to take the microphone reason mourning (died 10 days before his mother in Crete). So “mobilized” the President of the Federation Mr. Vasilis Kafkas make the presentation.

The Board members sing carols
Immediately after eating all together they sang the New Year Carols followed the “Famous Macedonia”, followed by the cutting of the New Year cake and cake.Attended among others: the former presidents of the Federation Mr. Themis Karatzas, Elizabeth Papasli and Miltiadis Athanasopoulos, former President of the community of  Somerville  Mr. Evangelos millet, officials of the Federation, the President of AHEPA Mr. Athanasios Loridas, former President of Pamakedonikis Mr. Dimitrios Hatzis who was then in contacting the organizers of rallies in the Constitution. The Secretary of the Federation Mr. Fotos Olga, Treasurer Mr. Labropoulos Panagiotis, the  governor of Pamakedonikis Mr Gogos-Stella Papadopoulou.  Also there were many scientists and academics.of lottery winners was former president of the organization, Mr. Miltos Athanasopoulos and the First Vice-President. Athanasios Karagiorgos.Note that after the event the snow had become ice and the return was dangerous. According to our information, not an accident happened. Finally good, all good.

Photos: E. Write

The Federation invites all Hellenism in the First Pan ethnic Greeks for the Parade of Hellenism in Boston will take place on Sunday April 7th Avenue  Boylston ,  Boston .  The Pan ethnic Greeks will take place next Sunday, January 27th, at 5: 00pm in Maleioteio Cultural Center.


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